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Sterling Silver 925  set ~ Necklace with earrings  and bracelet - clover pendant with zirconias

14K Yellow gold E-coating  




  • 42-45cm ~ 2,7g
  • pendant dimensions - 12mm x 12mm
  • diameter of the chain - 1mm
  • The weight of one item can vary from the stated above +/-8%



  • 16-19cm ~ 2,0g
  • pendant dimensions - 12mm x 12mm
  • diameter of the chain - 1mm



  • weight ~ 2,0g
  • dimensions - 8mm x 8mm



Series - Necklace of happiness


Plating - 14K Yellow gold - E-coat


Gemstone type  - Zirconia


Raw material - Sterling Silver 925

Jewelry made of the highest quality silver, known as the 925 in jewelry. It is free of nickel, cadmium and lead.


Making method - Microsetting

Microsetting or Micro Pave refers to a particular style of jewelry, where a large number of sparkling stones is permanently set in the surface of a precious metal. The surface of jewelry items is carefully designed so as to place as many small stones close together as possible, giving amazing appearance and radiance. This method is much more expensive, but thanks for that, unique qualities and luxury look are created.

Set Sterling Silver 925 14K Yellow gold E~coat Necklace - earrings - bracelet

SKU: A11
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