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Sterling Silver 925  set ~ Necklace with earrings and bracelet - Heart with black enamel

14K Yellow gold E-coating 



  • 40-43cm ~ 1,7g
  • heart diameters - 8mm x 7mm
  • diameter of the chain - 1mm



  • 16-19cm ~ 2,0g
  • chain diameter ~ 1mm
  • heart dimensions - 8mm x 7mm



  • weight ~ 1,0g
  • diameter - 7mm x 8mm



Series - Necklace of happiness


Enamel - Black


Plating - 14K Yellow gold - E-coat


Gemstone type - Without gemstone


Raw material - Sterling Silver 925

Jewelry made of the highest quality silver, known as the 925 in jewelry. It is free of nickel, cadmium and lead.


Making method - High polished

High gloss in jewelry is achieved by additional work of jeweler by the use of an appropriate polishing tool. When polishing is well done, it’s a valuable advantage. Given that the silver surface is closed, it oxidizes slower and doesn’t change the color. Additionally, provides a unique flash effect, so highly valued by our customers.



Set Sterling Silver 925 14K yellow gold - Necklace - earrings - bracelet - Heart

£90.00 Regularna cena
£76.50Cena Rabatowa
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