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Sterling Silver 925  set ~ Necklace with earrings  -  crosses

Rhodium plated 



  • 42-45cm ~ 2,3g
  • chain diameter - 1mm
  • pendants dimensions - 8mm x 5mm and 25mm x 11mm



  • weight ~ 1,9g
  • cross dimensions - 17mm x 11mm
  • length - 58mm


Series - Necklace of happiness


Plating - Rhodium-plated

In jewelry, rhodium coatings are prized for the unique optical properties, rhodium plated silver distinguishes with a darker color and high gloss, which makes the jewelry much more luxurious, resembling that of white gold.

Rhodium plating involves covering silver with a very thin layer of rhodium, the thickness of the layer itself is between a few up to several microns. Electrolytic plated rhodium is very durable. A big advantage of rhodium is its resistance to sulfides, which are the cause of blackening silver. Therefore, if the jewelry is desired to look always like new, rhodium plating products should be chosen. The jewelry protected in this way is not only resistant to changes of color or brightness, but also to scratching and damages which are inevitable results of daily use.


Gemstone type - Without gemstone


Raw material - Sterling Silver 925

Jewelry made of the highest quality silver, known as the 925 in jewelry. It is free of nickel, cadmium and lead.


Making method - High polished

High gloss in jewelry is achieved by additional work of jeweler by the use of an appropriate polishing tool. When polishing is well done, it’s a valuable advantage. Given that the silver surface is closed, it oxidizes slower and doesn’t change the color. Additionally, provides a unique flash effect, so highly valued by our customers.

Set Sterling Silver 925 Rhodium plated ~ Necklace - earrings

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£43.35Cena Rabatowa
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