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Celebratory necklace in 316 L stainless steel 


Celebrity necklace made of 316l surgical steel, plated with 18 carat gold .

Celebrytka of sensational quality, you can even bathe in it, it will not lose its shine for a long time.


Category: Necklaces

Raw material:    Stainless steel plated with 18 carat gold
Length : 43cm
Extension: 5cm

         The jewellery is antiallergic and does not contain nickel. 



We offer gold plated jewellery which is entirely covered with a layer of 18k gold.

The product was made with the utmost care, the gold was evenly applied to the jewellery using the electroplated method.

The gilding layer is covered with jeweller's varnish, which greatly prolongs the life of the gilding and gives the jewellery a wonderful shine.

This is a top quality product!
It will keep its shine and colour for a long time!!!

Necklace Stainless steel ~ 316L

SKU: S2081
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