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Earrings Stainless Steel ~ Circle 5 cm 

18 K White Gold plated 



 ‎‎ ‎


‎A set of the highest quality, you can even bathe in it, it will not lose its luster for a long time. ‎


  • ‎Category:           Earrings 
  • ‎Raw material:    Stainless Steel 18K White  gold plated



  • diameter ; 5 cm 


‎Anti-allergic jewelry does not sensitize - does not contain nickel ‎

‎We offer gold-plated jewelry, which is entirely covered with a layer of 18K White  gold plated 

‎The product was made with the utmost care, the gold was evenly applied to the jewelry using the electroplated method. ‎

‎The gilding layer is covered with jewelry varnish which largely prolongs the life of gilding and gives the jewelry a wonderful shine.‎


‎It is a product of the highest quality! ‎

‎It will retain its brilliance and color for a long time!!!

Earrings Stainless Steel ~ Medium Circle 5cm

SKU: SJ102
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